What excites you about the event planning industry? 
Whether it’s a luxury wedding , private event or one of our exquisite corporate events, each event has a story, and every story is told in a different way. It's always a thrilling experience for me when we get a new brief because I'm excited by the opportunity to take each clients' unique brand and vision and transform the event design into something that exceeds their expectations. 

What inspired you to open Astia Events? 
I've always been surrounded by entrepreneurs, and I've been working my whole life to start my business in event planning. I've always loved celebrations, big parties, destination weddings and creating unique experiences through event design. After completing my degree in event planning at Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland, I devoted my career to creating memorable experiences and worked in top-tier event planning around the globe. With over 8 years of experience planning luxury events, I decided it was time to finally fulfill my dream and become an entrepreneur who could create everything from the most memorable weddings to private and corporate events.

What do you offer that’s unequivocally unique? 
I pride myself and my agency on being open minded, culturally diverse, and authentic. Before opening Astia, I had the opportunity to work in luxury event planning agencies in some of the most vibrant cities in the world. From New York City to Singapore, Bangkok, Bombay, and London, all these cities had so much to offer in event design. In each, I found clients with unique stories and rich cultural histories that wanted represented with intention and care through their event design. Therefore, what I offer is a commitment to outstandingly creative private events and corporate events that accurately and authentically represent you or your brand. 

What makes an experience unforgettable?
An event is unforgettable when the client has the best time! That's it. It's unforgettable when you see them enjoying every second of the night and that's where you know your hard work in designing their event has paid off!

DREAMING Somewhere on earth


An iconic destination for a luxury wedding or celebration